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                                     When your plans call for a curved stair, Custom Stairs & Trim can offer many different services, from the curved carriage (with treads and risers on), to full installation.

                                                              We can also offer custom parts and other components and services.

 Freestanding or floating carriage with treads on.
                                                          This option always includes a full scale, on-site layout by Paul White. We get our own          measurements and radius points, and the builder, architect, designer, and homeowner can see exactly how the stair will fit!
We fabricate the curved stringers in our shop while the house is still being framed. The custom made treads and risers are also installed. Your curved carriage is now ready for delivery!
One of our experienced installers will deliver the carriage, and set it permanently in place. We can put plywood covers on the treads to protect them or wrap the entire stair in plastic.


Curved rail and parts

If we are supplying curved rail, (or you can have your own shipped to us), we will bend that in our shop on top of the stringers we have built. This ensures a perfect fit, and eliminates time-consuming site labor.

If you want us to provide all the other parts for your staircase (landing tread, rail and fittings, newels, balsuters, etc.) we will ship them with your carriage.

Or, we can go even further; we can prefit all the parts on the curved carriage in our shop, number them, and ship them kd for your own installer!
Full Installation

Full Installation

Of course, we are happy to provide complete installation on site. One of our highly skilled craftsmen will travel to your locale, and stay until the job is done!
We also offer on-site consultation; between our installer and yours if you plan to use your own.


Curved Headers

If you have a curved balcony, we can provide a laminated header, so that your framers can then "fill in" behind it. This makes for a smooth, flowing curvature. If we are also providing curved rail, we bend that rail on the header in our shop, ensuring a perfect fit again!

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